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We have received several questions that do not quite fit into our FAQ section, so we thought we’d share them all in a blog post, just for future reference.

Q – Are all of your mugs white (with black text)?

A – At the moment: yes. We want to keep this colour “scheme” as our classic look for two main reasons: (i) black and white mimics the original inspiration of Scores On – newspaper football results pages and (ii) drinking tea from a non-white mug is just JINX! However we may in the future look to do some limited-edition coloured mugs. Let us know if you have any ideas on what you may like: full colour, stripes, different text colour, etc. and we’ll see what we can do. To be fair – always just ask, we’ll sort you out, if we possibly can!

Q – Is it just Men’s football results?

A – Yes, football is our main focus and we have no current plans to add any other sports, that said – it wouldn’t be too difficult for us to achieve… If you mean can we produce Women’s football results: of course we can! Just drop us a message with the details, and we can look to add it into our lineup. In fact a Women’s Football section sounds awesome.

Q – Can you produce mugs for obscure games?

A – Yes we can, as long as we have all the details required. This can be difficult for games from many years ago, e.g. goal scorers and times. We may produce some of these really old games, without score times if not available and if people still want them without the score times on. Again: let us know.