Welcome to ScoresOn – Drinking the results!

As football fans, we all know how important it is to celebrate properly when your team wins a great game, whether a fantastic cup tie; winning a particular trophy; gaining promotion; ploughing in loads of goals; becoming Champions (again); or even scraping the avoidance of relegation on that last blow of the whistle – we all like to reminisce and live out those moments again and again. Never more so, than when your family, your friends, your loved ones, your work mates, your colleagues, or even your enemies support the other team.

So what better way of boosting your moral, or the moral of your friend, or your partner, your other half, your sibling, your parents (their parents!), Brian from Accounts, or Lucy from Marketing than with a (frankly) awesome tea/coffee mug, with the date, event, attendance and goal scorers on it (and the times!) – not to mention both team names and the scoreline in big and in bold. You’ve seen them all your life in the newspapers. Hell – you can even buy one for someone, for anyone that you know supports a club, in the gleeful and absolute knowledge that their team lost.